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ACI’s Value-added Services Drive Cost from the OEM’s Product

Contract manufacturing of custom electrical panels is the product we sell.  But what makes ACI the right solution for your organization is our service.  Over decades, we have listened to our customers and developed processes to meet their needs – from a supply chain system that manages thousands of component parts on behalf of our customers to an engineering team that develops the most efficient and cost-effective electrical control panel solutions.

Our high value-added solutions translate into cost savings for you.

View some of our Case Studies to learn how leading manufacturers are using ACI to lower their costs, improve their margins and drive profitability.

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Engineering Services


Supply Chain & Inventory Management


Manufacturing & Assembly





Engineering Services

Engineering Services to Streamline and Reduce Cost and Improve Energy Efficiency

Many of our customers are looking for development resources and a manufacturing partner. At ACI, we deliver both. Our engineering team, with decades of experience in electrical controls, can serve as an adjunct to your existing team or serve as your primary design team. With either partnership model, we deliver a complete solution for your product or application.

Our team can assist you by:

  • Developing electrical control panels for new products
  • Working from drawings from your internal team
  • Redesigning panels for existing products
  • Value engineering electrical control panels to drive out costs
  • Adding functionality to a current design

At ACI, we are UL 508A-approved and deliver control panels to meet your specifications and industry standards. 

We currently have more than 300,000 active bills of material for standard products designed by our engineering team. Our engineering team is skilled at listening to the needs of our OEM customers and providing recommendations to achieve their design and business objectives.

The ACI team can provide you with any or all of these elements required for your project:

  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Detailed Bills of Material (BOMs)
  • Prototypes

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

ACI Handles Component Procurement & Inventory Management for You

OEMs are seeking a strategic advantage for their manufactured products. At ACI, we support our partners with a complete supply chain and inventory management solution. We manage and stock customer-consigned inventory as well as ACI-procured material to deliver the complete product.

Our systems provide customers with:

  • Shorter lead times

  • Rapid response

  • Great customer service

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • On-time delivery

We work directly with your vendors, as well as suppliers that we recommend and bring to you, to handle the inventory to fulfill your company’s needs. Our systems streamline stocking, pulling and counting inventory and delineate between customer-owned and ACI-owned inventory, so you always know what components are on-hand.

Using our internal Management Information System (MIS) or our customer’s MIS, we process orders, manage bills of material, procure components, receive components and ship orders efficiently. With a sophisticated inventory management system, we integrate with your organization to serve as your seamless partner in manufacturing.

Manufacturing and Assembling

Superior Quality Manufacturing and Assembly from an Experienced, Skilled Team

Skilled, efficient, productive — these are the hallmarks of a manufacturing process that delivers quality products, while driving cost out of your project.

At ACI, every panel is assembled by hand by experienced electrical wiremen. Our team includes experts with several decades of experience, and our internal training program helps us retain and develop the most skilled and reliable talent in the trade. Our workforce is cross trained on all products to provide agility and efficiency in meeting our customers’ needs. With this excellent team, we are able to fulfill our customers’ orders with high-quality control panels.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified and UL 508A-approved, ensuring quality manufacturing standards and processes are in place. OEMs can be confident they are receiving the highest quality electrical control panels.

We are focused on continuous improvement and constantly evaluate our manufacturing processes for their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Through quality systems, strict testing standards and the experience and expertise of our team, we deliver a complete high-quality, high-value electrical control solution to our customers.


Quality Testing for Every Electrical Control Panel

Every completed electrical control panel undergoes testing to ensure it meets or exceeds performance and safety requirements. Our team uses sensitive, state-of-the-art inspection equipment — regularly calibrated to industry standards — to conduct rigorous testing on every panel before it is shipped to the customer or end-user.

At ACI, we are UL 508A-approved and deliver control panels to meet your specifications and industry standards. 

ACI uses a 3-step process for testing each customized control assembly:

  1. Perform a visual inspection of the control equipment assembly.
  • Verify presence and proper mounting position of each component.
  • Confirm all wire termination points and verify correct wire numbering.
  • Verify that correct wire sizes have been used, as referenced on schematics.
  • Apply all component identification labels, job nameplates and warning labels in their designated positions.
  1. General electrical test and parameter/software configuration.
  • Apply correct customer supply voltage and verify proper voltage at each component.
  1. Perform operational electrical test.
  • Verify correct operation of any additional control system functions. This can include enclosure cooling fans, air conditioning units, cabinet heaters, control relay logic and display metering.

If required, ACI also has the capability of performing a “Ground Bond Test” or a “High-Pot Test,” to meet customer needs.


Your Solution, Properly Packaged & Shipped to You or Your Customer

As your partner, we are always looking for ways to drive down costs and remove administrative burden. For many of our customers, that means labeling the electrical control panel to align with your product requirements and shipping it directly to your customer.

Our goal is to streamline the electrical control component of your manufacturing process in whatever way you need. We can provide our expertise in the integration of the controls with your product or deliver to your final assembly destination. Whatever packaging, packing and shipping circumstances you face, our team is prepared to meet your needs.

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