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ACI’s Continuous Improvement Environment Delivers Quality

At ACI, we are discriminating in the selection of top quality components as well as in the manufacturing process. As a UL 508A-approved manufacturer, our panels meet those standards, intended for industrial control panels, or the standards set by your engineers.

Every control panel is checked and tested by both the primary assembly team and a quality assurance team. With visual, manual, and electrical testing, our products meet the highest standards before they are allowed to be shipped to the customer or end-user.


Our continuous improvement environment is designed to constantly evaluate our manufacturing processes for their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. We also utilize an expedient corrective action procedure to get to the root cause of any deficiencies and resolve them quickly. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, we are continually working to refine our processes to ensure first-pass quality products.

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We take the production of your electrical panels off your hands and manage it for you. We don’t just build electrical control panels for you; we provide you with high-value, turn-key solutions that lower your costs.

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