Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

ACI Handles Component Procurement & Inventory Management for You

OEMs are seeking a strategic advantage for their manufactured products. At ACI, we support our partners with a complete supply chain and inventory management solution. We manage and stock customer-consigned inventory as well ACI-procured material to deliver the complete product.

Our systems provide customers with:

  • Shorter lead times

  • Rapid response

  • Great customer service

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • On-time delivery

We work directly with your vendors, as well as suppliers that we recommend and bring to you, to handle the inventory to fulfill your company’s needs. Our systems streamline stocking, pulling and counting inventory and delineate between customer-owned and ACI-owned inventory, so you always know what components are on-hand.

Using our internal Management Information System (MIS) or our customer’s MIS, we process orders, manage bills of material, procure components, receive components and ship orders efficiently. With a sophisticated inventory management system, we integrate with your organization to serve as your seamless partner in manufacturing.