Manufacturing & Assembly

Manufacturing and Assembling

Superior Quality Manufacturing and Assembly from an Experienced, Skilled Team

Skilled, efficient, productive – these are the hallmarks of a manufacturing process that delivers quality products, while driving cost out of your project.

At ACI, every panel is assembled by hand by experienced electrical wiremen. Our team includes experts with several decades of experience, and our internal training program helps us retain and develop the most skilled and reliable talent in the trade. Our workforce is cross trained on all products to provide agility and efficiency in meeting our customers’ needs. With this excellent team, we are able to fulfill our customers’ orders with high-quality control panels.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and UL 508A-approved, ensuring quality manufacturing standards and processes are in place. OEMs can be confident they are receiving the highest quality electrical control panels.

We are focused on continuous improvement and constantly evaluate our manufacturing processes for their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Through quality systems, strict testing standards and the experience and expertise of our team, we deliver a complete high-quality, high-value electrical control solution to our customers.