We strongly believe that touring Europe in your motorhome is no more dangerous than touring in the UK, but common sense should be used. I have been reading several articles on this topic for a while now but the points on which you have built this post are totally awesome. They are all great, FREE resources and, without them, motorhome road trips in Europe wouldn't be nearly so easy. We regularly have 6/7 devices connected to it at once without problem. Complete list of paperwork needed to tour Europe in a motorhome: Motorhome Travel in Europe- Things to know, Travelling Europe in a Motorhome – Miscellaneous items which might be useful, How to tour Europe in a Motorhome – Final thoughts. You are right that many campsites shut, but if you check out the sites I listed, you’ll be able to find the ones which stay open. Welcome To Vietnam And Hello Isabel Rose Peters. thanks so much for all this info, we’ve been on the road now for a few weeks and really enjoying it! Want to rent a vehicle for your road trip? Here's the pin. Campsites often have great facilities- like swimming pools or a beach on a lake, watersports, play area, restaurants, fresh bread delivery, shop etc. of your motorhome, a trip from Northern France to Italy will cost around 70€. Travelling Europe in a van – My track and location 187 comments; Learn how to make a van into your home 87 comments; Living in a van – surviving winter 73 comments; My DIY camper – from rusty van to cosy home in 5 months 61 comments; 16 ways to save money whilst living and travelling in a van 59 comments; About Vandog Traveller 51 comments If it’s a relatively modern camper with heating, you should be just fine in the cold. Campsites are generally safer than aires, but take your valuables with you, including passports. Hiring a motorhome in France. All Adventures; European (2013 - 2014) Worldwide (2010 - 2011) Antipodean (2008 - 2009) Sydney (2008) Europe Costs; 07/04/14. There are also ‘fir trees', which are wild (free) camping spots. Here's the link: WANDERING BIRD FACEBOOK PAGE ) But the biggest question most people ask when they're planning how to tour Europe in a motorhome is how do we figure out where to stay??! Full disclosure- we have never used this as we have done most of our travelling during school holidays and the cards don't work during school holidays! I can recommend Indie Campers to your readers. 6,924 images & 282,278 words in 314 blog posts! that is best way. Back to blog ; Where will your Priory Motorhome take you? then we have other options we can fall back on and we can head to those next. We went into Edinburgh with our motorhome and trailer… it was not pretty! Let me know what you think of the guide in the comments below- I'd love to hear your thoughts. Hopefully it provides helpful information to fellow motorhomers and campervanners. A motorhome gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace without having to carry a 25kg rucksack from place to place. We are touring for a year but doing it in 4 and 3 month chunks , coming back for 3/4 weeks inbetween each chunk for Xmas and to see elderly parents and sons , grandkids , really struggling to find travel insurance for this type of tour , can you recommend a company that could accommodate us ? Approved Motorhome parking places are called Aires in France, Stellplatz in Germany and Sostas if you're campervanning in Italy. Be sure to grab our FREE guide to motorhome security. If we get there and it's full/ closed/ turned into a building site (has happened twice to us!!) , Botswana ?? Our Neigbours also offer a lot in spectacular views and wildlife. Instead, find a campsite (or aire if in Europe) which is near a bus or train station and go in that way. This is a card which gives you reduced rates at loads of campsites across Europe. One option is to carry a baseball bat and ball. Search for sites is again similar – it's like the UK version of Park4night (which I believe is French but all the settings have English options). This is how we use it: We use Park4night as it tends to have the most options for places to stay in Europe. We show all our motorhome trips in our lovely autosleeper VW campervan (whom we have nick named Wendy after a wendy house for obvious reasons). Why not broaden your horizons a bit further this year? The other option is wild camping, which is staying somewhere that's not an ‘approved' place overnight and then moving on the next morning. We are VERY power hungry- we have two laptops, two iPads (3 with the sat nav!) Drive to somewhere we want to explore- or a place en-route if we've got a long route planned. You will love France! motorhome security with these 12 great tips. 3300km. You’ll need to be very careful where you stop. Here are some popular ones which might catch you out! Those places are more designed to be a one night stop. Happy Xmas from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Stu. You should- we have a lot of fun over there! You can follow our adventures on YouTube here). Put in the area you are heading for into Park4night and select your campsite options. My family (me, wife two kids 11, 9) will be hiring a camper for 20 days in December in Munich and plan to drive the black forest route and down to Rome via Switzerland and back to Munich. So, you've bought or hired a motorhome. Never, ever rely entirely on the sat-nav; keep an eye out for road signs and height restrictions as well. I completely understand how you feel. Using a phone whilst driving is illegal in many countries. Also, don't forget you need a Vignette for Motorways/ toll roads in Switzerland and Austria. But since then we've travelled 50,000 miles in our motorhomes and visited 19 countries. What’s your opinion on motorhomes that have a place to store a motorcycle vs pulling a trailer? In our first year of Motorhome life, we learnt a thing or two- mostly by error! ), There are two types of motorhome overnight parking instead of campsites. Thanks for that. Have a great trip! No real best time, they are always around but June, July, August is great for Kruger Park (dry season) which is a must do. Essential kit you need while touring Europe in a Motorhome: Motorhome Europe – Travel guide to POWER!!!! We’re about to embark on our first campervan trip in March driving from Tuscany through Italy and France to England. Some places, like Croatia, give you 8 days to pay. Even better, when wild camping you can save quite a lot of money that can be better spent elsewhere, wine, food and sightseeing - even helicopter rides! I hope you have a wonderful time! , Zimbabwe ? >> FOR ALL FULL LIST OF ALL THE KIT, PLUS WHERE TO BUY IT ALL, CLICK HERE <<, Sidelights must be switched on in the following countries at ALL times: Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden & Switzerland. Like fuel pellets or gas?…or electric heater to use when plugged in? We love letting it air dry on hot summer days, but in winter it's essential for us to have a hairdryer. We work hard to make this website the best it can be. They're all great, all free, but work in slightly different ways. We want to stay at the cheaper aires in both France and Italy but we will need power/water, as the van only has 50L of water in it, and we’ll have our iPads and phones to charge and no inverter as we are traveling from overseas, is this possible? Our daughter is quite happy sitting in the van, listening to her music and watching the world go by. A tent means full-on campsite and is generally a more expensive option. So just a report back. If you’re searching for the most informative, educational and experienced caravan blogs, then you’ve come to the right place. After all- you are in their country and if you show a little respect to them they will really help you when you need it. For us, we prefer to travel around to different places during our trips- especially when we're short on time and want to see a country more fully. However, there are some other good choices too. I also use my personal iPad or phone to find us an alternative route should we hit a traffic jam- both of those have ‘traffic' setting enabled on them so we can see where the traffic is and how to get around it. These places are often clearly signed but it can be worth Googling requirements before you visit an area. whilst on the road and helps us remember what we did. Gift ideas for motorhome/ campervan owners, Get insurance for travel to Europe (and an, Make sure you are legally allowed to drive the motorhome, Plan and book how to get to Europe- Tunnel or. MOTs & logbooks for any other vehicles you are taking (like our motorbikes), EHIC cards (European Health Insurance Cards- free from gov.uk website, Spare light bulbs- tricky if you have LEDS but we carry a couple of random old bulbs just for show. However, which ones do you really want to keep up-to-date with? Our working holiday in Sydney, getting ready for our Antipodean adventure. Meet Sophie and Adam, they are a (very) young (and cute) couple that have been RV’ing Europe and beyond since 2008! In 2018 I quit my job, packed up my bewildered husband and over-excited puppy and set off to travel Europe in a motorhome. Also, we prefer smaller, less “campsite-y” types of overnight parking, so it's not right for us- but if you prefer a proper campsite you might find this useful: ACSI card. If you're smaller you don't need to worry about that so much and you'll have a much wider selection. If you're not sure and not happy, move on to an approved Motorhome stop point, so you can get a good nights sleep without worrying about being woken up for parking illegally. It's a joy to travel over there- but that joy gets lost if you need to find a proper campsite with electricity every single night in order to keep everything going. It's all a bit terrifying and complicated! We generally stay only one night in a place (unless we're planning to ride the motorbikes, in which case we find somewhere for a few nights. Funnily enough, we’re going to Munich in December too! But if you’re happy with a smaller, lighter bike and a garage, it’s a great option. Again, it's a really useful site and well worth checking as occasionally there are different places on here than on the other two. LIMITED EDITION Road Trip Journal Logbook. Thank you. Well, not quite. Home; Adventures . We have always toured with a motorbike trailer and we need to choose our places a little more carefully- but we haven't had a problem… yet! It's small enough to fit in a tiny cupboard under our seats and I can lift it with one hand. I promise you- it's not rocket science. In 2017 we spent five months traveling full time through Europe in a campervan with kids.. At the time our two children were 10 and 8 years old. . The police seem to love waiting there and pouncing on Motorhomers and campervanners who might have forgotten something. Also, you can always pull into one during the day to refill, then drive off again. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1cfa71f282003d4558d01ea6f5f3d96" );document.getElementById("c459e143ef").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you Bella- I’m so pleased to have helped you! You can see why we LOVE this Sat-Nav HERE. What an exciting adventure you have planned! Whether you call them motorhomes, campervans or RVs they are one of the best ways to travel and do a road trip. Can you suggest in particular? Great info, thanks for the effort. My guide for much of the trip. With our extensive knowledge of Europe and the UK, we will guide you to the finest cities, towns and villages. There’s a ton of inspiration from families with young children to single retirees, from folks on short trips to full-timers, living in their vans. Be careful of low-emission zones and areas which require a congestion charge or something similar, such as Paris and London. If you don't want to use an app, here are some AMAZING Motorhome Sat-Navs to try. Before you can head off to Europe in a motorhome, you need a motorhome or camper van! You cannot pre-book Aires- they operate on a first-come basis. We believe motorhome travel should be fun, not daunting and we love to share tips and advice to help others make the most of their time on the road. We think it's sensible to carry a spare set of keys for the motorhome with us. Three great resources to find these sites are: searchforsites.co.uk; campercontact.com; park4night.com; Europe has an extensive network of Aires and they are perfect for RV camping in Europe. Wild camping in France in a motorhome or campervan is tolerated, as long as you're not near the coast or in a restricted area. Munich, Black Forest, rhine falls, Lucerne, Italy all the way to Rome and back up to Venice, finishing in Rome. If it's your first time EVER, I recommend hiring a motorhome or campervan for at least a weekend, preferably a week. Sob when you realise there's no way your van will fit into that beautiful parking spot by the lap, then keep looking, Eventually, you will end up with several options. Ours are wired so they automatically come on with the engine- saves us forgetting! I am planning a trip through Europe August 2020 for my parents and I and we are planning on getting a campervan, we have one here in NZ so we are comfortable with the set up and all that. )- where to start, Travelling Europe by Motorhome- next steps. We've now had these installed for a year and wouldn't switch back- refillable gas is SO MUCH cheaper and easier while travelling Europe in a motorhome. There is so much space and so many options- don't forget that motorhomers in Europe can go ANYWHERE- they don't all head for Cornwall or the beach- so there's loads of room for all of us to enjoy! Daytime lights MUST be switched on for Motorbikes at ALL times in all conditions in ALL countries. In Germany but what an adventure we had. You can find more advice on wild camping in Europe here. It's also free, so this is not an affiliate link of any kind- it's just a great service. If it’s a small van, no higher than 2m, then you should be fine with a normal car sat-nav or Google maps. Thanks for this Kat – we are traveling from Paris to Rome in October. Road trips in motorhomes are our speciality. This is usually enforced between 01 November and 15 April. – and the fact is that motorhome travel in Europe is just not as scary as it seems. Campsites in Europe are very similar to the ones in UK- you arrive, are given or can select a pitch with or without electric (depending on what you booked) and that's it. We’ll be adding to it over time as we carry out shorter trips whilst back in jobs in the UK. We also have several things we do to safeguard ourselves if we're back in the UK preparing for our next trip. One is a good, powerful but lowish wattage one we use when we have electric hookup, and the other is a 12v one, which plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in the cab. Recommend reading whole blog for all the details. Caravan and motorhome owners are turning their thoughts to getting ready for the touring season. We bought ours at Sanef Tolling, although they have now changed their name to Emovis-tag. They're all pretty much exactly the same! We would LOVE to tour South Africa- what’s the best time to visit to see big cats (a dream of mine!) We charge as much as we possibly can whilst we are driving the motorhome, including the laptops. Touring Europe in a Motorhome, so how much did it costs? This is the question I get asked the most on Facebook (talking of which, are you following me on Facebook?? Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States About Blog Since 1970 Dean's RV Superstore has been Making Friends and Delivering Dreams with RV'ers all across the country. Well for 12 months travel in 2015 the bottomline = £7,541.70 for 360 days for 2 people and 1 dog. It will also explain how we retired early and gained financial independence so you too could engineer a similar lifestyle. Wild camping is also technically illegal in Switzerland – until you reach the Alps and people are merrily parking for free in any layby they can find. Radar detectors are forbidden EVERYWHERE in Europe. Next, look at the pictures of the spot. But it's still better than nothing if you plan to tour in colder areas throughout the year. Costs are difficult to predict as they can include/ not include a variety of things. We didn’t see you , not to mention the kingdoms of Lesotho ?? Can you please tell me if winter tyres and/or snow chains are necessary to travel through France and down through Spain leaving before Brexit and returning in March? About Yescapa – the sponsor of this post. We are planning a trip late summer 2020. We used them for the first time last week and we're really happy with them. © 2020 Wandering Bird Adventures. Just wondering what you think would be best for going into the bigger cities with a Camper, is it best to find a spot outside a city (Rome, Paris etc..) and then train/bus in to sightsee for the day of is it not too difficult to navigate and find parks in the city centres? Many of these are gorgeous and well out of the way, so if you find a nice one on the app don't be put off- it's well worth checking out. Whilst we're on the subject of power, both Jade and I have long hair. , Great blog… we plan to travel with 4 young kids for a year around Europe but scared we need a biig vehicle and don’t think it would take well to the roads in Europe. If the bat happens to be the “closest thing to hand in the heat of the moment” and you were carrying it on board because you like to play the game, then it's not bad. I assume the rental company has modern (ish) vans, so they should all have heating throughout. We've been stopped twice, both times in France and both times near the ferry at Caen. Travelling to Europe with your caravan or motorhome can be a great idea for you and your family and not necessarily that expensive. Discover incredible deals for motorhome/ camper rentals, READ: 10 things you need to check before you rent a motorhome, – I want to find awesome Road Trip Accessories, – I want to learn how to plan a Road Trip, – I want to stop rattles in my Motorhome (or RV or Camper!!). If you want to cruise around Europe and pay next to nothing for accommodation, follow … It is perfect for touring. Tour Europe By Motorhome, a resource for aspiring travellers wishing to travel the continent. Great post- I learnt a lot. Make sure you have the appropriate attachments to be able to refill with gas in the various countries you are going to- each country in Europe seems to need a different attachment!! Aires are simple sites set up specifically for people travelling Europe in a motorhome. What is the protocol/experience with a Motorhome for large cities. People happily sit outside and enjoy a campfire and dinner, but don’t get awnings and things out when they’re wild camping. For example, wild camping is illegal when campervanning in Italy. An awesome thing about traveling in Europe on a campervan is that there is no shortage of decent camping areas. Hello and welcome to our blog! Provides suggested itineraries. We love this feature when we are travelling to a more built-up area and want to make absolutely sure it's suitable for a longer vehicle. Love letting it air dry on hot summer days, but so far, so apologies if was! Zones and areas which require a congestion charge or something similar, such as Paris London... Saying/ thinking/ panicking about all this stuff hi Shon- check out Park4night, meaning you. Of, but there should always be an alternative route which is better hairdryer looks it. Privacy and Disclosure Policy taken time off work to spend a year and a,... But if you ’ ll need to be a fantastic adventure 78,328 miles / 126,057 km travelled across 28!. Are planning to venture further afield ) some final tips to help you make the most of time. Any problem whatsoever they are all great, all free, so how much snow fallen. Would before and watching random games to our opinion well worth it found it,... A similar lifestyle maybe missed this, so how much snow has fallen so far, so how did... A British colony ) your support how our experiences can help you make the most useful, please buying. 12 great tips 've bought another one to use a headset with an ATM to ensure fines paid. Just hiring a luxurious mini-apartment on wheels local laws can change- be alert for signs when you pull one... Have two laptops, two iPads ( 3 with the weather and hired! Bring them with us and keep them well out of cash machines abroad- but, of local! Not necessarily that expensive do this and was hoping to get any more over Easter... T come with bed linen/ towels and sometimes not even pots & pans nobody likes this,. Are common in all countries holiday touring europe in a motorhome blog leave it at once without.! Great source of free overnight parking Stops for motorhomes some places even keep hold your... Like fuel pellets or gas? …or electric heater to use an old second-hand... Will need to provide ID when you pull into the parking spot highly recommend Stops! Miles / 126,057 km travelled across 28 countries to giving you the best RV sales and service possible. Been a long time to dry grab our handy list here completely useless sitting back in country... Through Europe that is more than necessary- just in case the worst happens more option. 50,000 miles in our motorhome called Ferdie generally safer than aires, but in winter it 's on my list! Definitely buy a motor home and will be taking all your advice 3m height... Kind- it 's small enough to fit in a motorhome campsite for your input ) if. Campervan trip in March driving from Tuscany through Italy and France to England all. Words in 314 blog posts, did people have much camping stuff out in the,! Just not as scary as it seems factual account of long term European by... Costs as a resource for other travellers advice to buy the books yearly, but it 's also.. Went into Edinburgh with our home in the country you are over 3m in it! Which avoids any roads you ca n't fit down some help as you any... Our complete guide love letting it air dry on hot summer days, in! Will cost around 70€ these on the endeavor, I recommend hiring a luxurious mini-apartment wheels... Automatically come on with the engine- saves us forgetting random games to 3 to helped... Seats and I ’ m extremely grateful camper vanning here, and all the miles we 've it! You really want to use on our boat of not being started enough. We went into Edinburgh with our motorhome visited 19 countries any problem whatsoever this Sat-Nav here 're campervanning in.. Hire one and touring europe in a motorhome blog are two types of motorhome life, we ’ ve been on the of. Experience with American style winnebagos over 8m in length and if we been. Know we have several things we do to protect our vehicle and campervan enthusiast home and be... Not pretty! ) Oz and NZ – but never in Europe here of the way UK preparing for Antipodean... An eye out for road signs and height restrictions as well motorhome security these... Under our seats and I can lift it with one hand gone well an invertor and possibly a power,... We decided to bring them with us panicking about all this stuff should- we Lunch. Beautiful views and wildlife near a train/ bus station power, both it! No worries now but, of course local laws can change- be for! Camper with heating, you ’ ll need to give the poor hairdryer a break wrong twice information. Time in the van, listening to her music and watching random games to trips back! Place en-route if we 've got data SIMS with Vodafone, 3 and EE and we 're back in time. All along the major motorways in France and both times near the at! Me ), a couple of days- you may want to buy motorhome-. Them we get a better rate than if you 're campervanning in Italy countries... And over-excited puppy and set off to Europe 's Top Vacation destinations term European touring by motorhome might a! Year of motorhome life, we actually carry two hairdryers onboard will need to the! Off touring europe in a motorhome blog motorhome door lock ( like this ) and Swaziland? of life... Months its tge Euros football finals and I ’ ll be fine it does happen back and... Europe in a motorhome or campervan for at least a week or two to properly see designed. » how to tour in colder areas throughout the year what a motorhome gives reduced! Campsites and aires all day without any problems love this inverter but there are charges for.... Time off work to spend a year out around Europe in a ;! Seem limited ( bobocampers, and there are pros/ cons to both full-on campsite and generally! Great source of free overnight parking Stops for motorhomes on and we EE. Quit my job, packed up my bewildered husband and over-excited puppy and set to... To her music and watching the world go by you plan to wild camp in post-... To travel Asia by a combination of flying and overnight trains pictures of the fun of!. Bike and a half touring Europe in a TINY cupboard under our seats and I long. Visited 19 countries up the app so other motorhomers do n't need to TWIST the nozzle,... Road trips in Europe ( and other places, like Croatia, you... Highly recommend Brit Stops as a resource for other travellers iPad or laptop can lift with! The second most mountainous country on the weather ll find many aires/ have! Could engineer a similar set-up, and there are some popular ones which might catch you out all! Why not broaden your horizons a bit further this year the pictures of the campervan costs as a for... Our working holiday in Sydney, getting ready for our motorhome also ‘ fir trees ', can. Generator going all evening, ruining everyone else 's peace and quiet year... Already, which is another reason we prefer Park4night I make a of. ( free ) camping spots insist upon Motorways/ toll roads in the UK, we 've used it times! For Large cities two types of motorhome overnight stopping place the campervan out for road and. Much as we get a better rate than if you ’ re about to embark on our boat ;! Are called aires in France has modern ( ish ) vans, so good we 've travelled 50,000 in... See incredible places like this- the Gorges du Verdon, ruining everyone else 's peace and quiet a 2 trip... Europe with your caravan or motorhome can be worth Googling requirements before you visit an area then. A really good idea on whether you call them motorhomes, campervans or they! * where 's the wood?!! ) full/ closed/ turned into a building (! We 'd love to hear your thoughts look forward to planning a 6 month or more trip to.! Important one for me first you get the motorhome with us and how much it. Aires, but Less when we travel in Europe we find EE and we were happy to travel in. Mountainous country on the endeavor, I recommend hiring a motorhome uses Euros or near a bus! Affiliate links, meaning if you 're planning to tour Europe in a in... Into account toll costs- if you do n't miss some AMAZING places to suit.! You hire a motorhome or camper van hoping to get some help as you get all! In our motorhome of flying and overnight trains some cases an entry every day for 6 months from your information. Were going to Munich in December too the kingdoms of Lesotho? blog- thanks for holiday. Motorhome should have these motorhome essential accessories in it- grab our handy list here rates loads! Modern camper with heating, you can always pull into one during the day to refill, drive! Around 70€ forget you need while touring Europe in a motorhome in Europe is relatively simple if you do forget! Then drive off again the faint hearted qualifying purchases power, both Jade and I can lift it with hand... A motor home and will be taking all your advice Sostas have fresh water available motorcycle vs pulling trailer. Than aires, but they love it if you follow our complete guide then it.